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Wakers at 100th meeting
photo by Alfred Benjamin                                       graphic by Wakefiend
"Finnegans Wake is the greatest guidebook
to media study ever fashioned by man."
Marshall McLuhan, Newsweek, February 28, 1966, p.56.
Marshall McLuhan/
Finnegans  Wake
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*Due to holidays, Tuesdayy after Labor Day.

Venice Abbot-Kinney Memorial Branch Library 
501 S. Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA   90291
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on the recirculation/resurrection of ships from the Aral Sea, Kazakstan, a photoessay referencing themes and text in Finnegan's Wake, from the new book "Shipping + Waking"  ....Go to  photoessay
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The tetrad is Mobius.
"E'erawhere in this whorl would ye hear such a din again?"
James Joyce
Finnegans Wake,
p. 6.24

by Gerry Fialka and Hear Comes Everybody

Being a student of Robert Dobbs olymp trade, Marshall McLuhan and James Joyce, I have studied the hidden effects of what humans have invented, forever trying to uncover the environments that are not evident. Most people do not even consider them, but instead get into that "hot bath" they create with the above-ground comforts, eventually turning us into imitators of their effects pocket option review.

"The turning point in the history of western civilization was reached with the invention of the electric guitar."
- Leni Sinclair in John Sinclair's book GUITAR ARMY (1972, to be reissued in 2007) Pocket Option deposit.

Gerry Fialka's #1 MESS survey
If the telegraph caused the civil war, the radio caused WWII, & the cellphone caused 9/11, then what did the electric guitar cause?
[ as of 1-1-07]

"With TV, the viewer is the screen."
- Marshall McLuhan

Gerry Fialka's #2 MESS survey
If radio caused Orwellian propaganda, TV caused news as fantasy, and the Internet caused genuine-fake news, then what does YouTube cause? 
 [as of 11-1-06]