Recommended Reading

Any and all titles by Marshall McLuhan, especially:
  • The Mechanical Bride - by MM 1951
  • The Guttenberg Galaxy - by MM 1962
  • Understanding Media:  The Extensions of Man - by MM 1964
  • The Medium is the Massage -by MM 1967
  • War & Peace in the Global Village - by MM 1968
  • From Cliche to Archetype - by MM 1970
  • Culture is Our Business - by MM 1970
  • Laws of Media: The New Science -by MM 1988
  • The Global Village - by MM and Bruce Powers 1989

  • and by others:
  • Finnegans Wake by James Joyce -1939
  • A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake by Joseph Campbell -1944
  • Annotations to Finnegans Wake by Roland McHugh -1980
  • McLuhan for Beginners by Terrence Gordon -1997
  • Marshall McLuhan: The Medium and the Messenger by Philip Marchand - 1989
  • Understanding McLuhan CD-R published  by Interactive/Voyager - 1996
  • digital mcluhan by Paul Levinson - 1999
  • The Virtual Marshall McLuhan - Donald F. Theall 2001
  • The Medium and the Light.
  • New!Gingko Press, will be releasing most MM titles and more through the next couple of years. 

    See their release schedule on the site:

    On your next visit to Los Angeles or Seattle, visit our man Art over at Arundel Books,  for all your literary needs, special orders, and so much more.  Mention the Wake, and get extra special scrutiny.

    Skylight Bookclubs page lists more reading clubs in Los Angeles and is hosted by Skylight Books.

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